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Cross Project


Antonella Cavalcante (IT) e Massimiliano Rosati (IT)

Sala Yoga - Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre - Bee

01.06.2024 | 10AM - 1 PM / 2PM - 5PM
Price: €50

A workshop of dance, movement, colors, and symbols to investigate oneself in the present, going to the origin of one’s blocks with the help of the Marseille Tarot. A technical and corporeal workshop with individual and group practices.

Antonella Luminosa Cavalcante developed a passion for theater, dance, and singing in 2000, dedicating herself to the in-depth study of these disciplines. She has participated and collaborated in numerous television programs as a chorister, singer, speaker, actress, and co-host with various artists from the musical Notre Dame de Paris like Brian Bollard, Garrison, Franco Oppini, Claudia Pandolfi, Filippo Dimi, Cristina Comencini, Gigi Proietti, Teo Mammucari, in different television programs on Rai and Mediaset. In 2006, she continued her studies with Michael Margotta, director, teacher, actor, and writer from the Actor Studio in New York, following an introspective path with a holistic vision useful for the healing of body and soul, focusing on the psychological and emotional aspects. From 2016 to 2018, she met and worked with Cristobal Jodorowski, which led her on a path of transformation and self-awareness, enrolling in the Metamondo school and becoming a collaborator and assistant from 2018 to 2022, following numerous workshops throughout Italy. In 2023, she began a journey to deepen the psychological and physiological aspects of the human body through the study of biodanza. To date, she performs individual treatments and workshops on movement and bodily expression, massages, tarot, theater, applying all the experiences acquired from her guides and studies.

Massimiliano Rosati always sensitive to the world of introspection and spiritual research in its various manifestations, forms and traditions alongside an interest in the musical world and music played live. This confluence of interests in spirituality and art brings him closer to the world of Cristobal Jodorowsky with whom he had the opportunity to follow a path of personal growth that led him to combine art and introspection. The study of the Tarot of Marseille was a natural consequence that began then and is still in the process of expanding and deepening.