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Cross Project



Peter Brook (EN)

Villa Simonetta - Verbania

26.05.2024 | 2PM - 8PM
Duration: 5,5 hours


Price: free entry

Film screening and viewing accompaniment curated by Antonella Cirigliano

Mahabharata, an epic poem written in eighteen books, is one of the most important texts of Hindu culture. In Sanskrit, it literally means “the great story of humanity” and revolves around the saga of two ruling families, the Pandava princes and their terrible cousins, the Kauravas, who fight for power. Peter Brook had already brought the work to the stage before creating this extraordinary film version in 1989. The events are numerous and rich in characters. All scenes were entirely shot in-studio, indoors, thus managing to combine great theatre with cinema. The work also features actors from sixteen countries around the world, including Vittorio Mezzogiorno in the role of Arjuna and Mallika Sarabhai, an Indian actress and dancer, in the role of Draupadi.

Antonella Cirigliano lives and works between Milan and Verbania. Graduate in Philosophy, she has been professionally involved in theater research and performing arts for over 20 years. Her artistic training began at CRST – Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski – in Pontedera, since 1996 she specializes in sensory theater techniques with Colombian director and anthropologist Enrique Vargas and travels all over the world participating in the most important European, Asian and South American festivals. She is director and curator of sensory pathways and Artistic Director of festivals and reviews with the theme of interaction between expressive practices. She is founder and Artistic Leader of CROSS Foundation and has produced numerous performing arts projects with the LIS LAB collective and as an independent artist. She also teaches Performing Techniques for the Visual Arts at NABA where she directs research on contemporary languages and performing arts.