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Cross Project


Elisa Sbaragli (IT)

Verbania - Villa Simonetta

24.05.2024 | 6PM - 8PM
25.05.2024 | 2PM - 6PM
Duration: 6 hours - participation on both dates is required


Price: free donation

The meetings are a moment to reflect on the theme of “crisis” through exercises and processes that investigate the expressive, narrative, and symbolic relationship between the word and the body, starting from the research experience we are carrying out for the creation of the choreographic work “If tomorrow”. Exercises that start from creating texts, from the search for words, becoming a foundational element to think about the theme addressed and to start a process of embodiment, not as a mimesis of the concept and the imaginary, but as an attempt to return the word to its original impact on the body.
This mode of study and artistic research will be the key to opening the work to different users, towards a wider community or towards existing groups.

Elisa Sbaragli is a dancer and choreographer interested in the discovery of otherness, liminal places and spaces, and the possibility of deconstructing the forms of the body and codified movement. Since 2016 she has been pursuing her own authorial research by collaborating with artists from different backgrounds ranging from music, performing arts, and visual arts. Since 2017 her works, presented in various dance festivals, are produced by DanceMe (Perypezye Urbane) with the support of MiC – Ministry of Culture and the Creative Europe program within the DanceMe UP project. In the same year she concluded Azione, directed by Sosta Palmizi. Her other works are: Industrial Soundscape (special mention for CROSS Award 2019); Besides Me, with Sissj Bassani; Vacuo; Cambia-menti, with live music by Elia Anelli and Attraverso. In 2023 she is selected by CRISOL – CREATIVE PROCESSES for Boarding Pass Plus, working with Heine Avdal (NO) and Yukiko Shinozaki (JP) for the elsewhere&elsewhen project, performing at the Festival (((O)))utpost 2023 – Flørli (NO). Also in 2023, she opens the artistic research of If Tomorrow (Se domani) whose project is the winner of the call for residency Citofonare PimOff 23/24 and HOME Calling 2023.