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Cross Project


Mastronauta (IT)

Fondazione Calderara - Vacciago di Ameno

02.07.2022 | h 15
Duration: 90'


Price: €5

Il Gioco di esplorazione visiva (The Visual Exploration Game) is a playful cultural experience suitable for everyone. Inspired by live games and experiential storytelling, it promotes a dynamic knowledge of the artistic and environmental peculiarities of the Calderara Foundation. The activity involves two different stages of progressive approach to the site and the Collection. The first part takes place outdoors and includes an OUTDOOR VISUAL STRETCHING, a sort of visual training preparatory to a visit to the house museum. After this first mission, participants will be able to enter the interior of the Museum and will be invited to carry out a VISUAL EXPLORATION in search of works that correspond to certain criteria, both compositional and emotional.

Mastronauta is an independent, multidisciplinary arts and culture centre that since 2001 has been developing activities related to art and culture with a specific focus on the most varied aspects of contemporary language, encouraging forms of creative sociality and the practice of different artistic disciplines. Based in Omegna, Mastronauta is a successful example of industrial archaeology converted into a place of great socio-cultural and artistic ferment, whose premises are available to anyone who needs a place for relationships, creation and personal or collective research.