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Cross Project


Enrico Malatesta

Pallanza - Sede Ente Musicale Verbania

23.04.2024 | 6PM - 8PM
Duration: 2 hours


Price: €10

LIMITE SUPERFICIE DERIVA is a workshop open to all, dedicated to the relationship between sound, space, and body, investigated through the observation of the vitality of materials. Starting from the resonating power of some simple musical instruments, it aims to discern the density of information present in a simple sonic act, with the intent of granting greater dignity to the flow of what is already present and transforming listening into a design resource, practical and poetic.

Enrico Malatesta is a percussionist active in experimental research fields between music, performance, and site-specific interventions. His practice explores the relationships between sound, space, and movement with particular attention to listening modes, instrument affordances, and polyrhythm, understood as the definition of multiple informations through an ecological and sustainable approach to the percussive act. He presents his work throughout Europe, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, North America, and Russia, participating in prestigious contemporary music festivals and performing arts, and taking part in artist residency projects for music production and research. A lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he also collaborates since 2015 with IUAV – University of Venice and, in 2019, with ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation for the International Dramaturgy course. Since 2018, he has been working on solo compositions for percussions that require a high level of critical interpretation and collaborates among others with Éliane Radigue, Jakob Ullmann, Michael Pisaro, and Peter Ablinger.