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Cross Project


Claudia Caldarano (IT)

Villa Pastori - Ameno

01.07.2022 | h 18
Duration: 40'


Price: €10

Piano Solo Corpo Solo (Embracing 10) is a performance/concert in which the intimate and solitary condition of “chamber” music is recreated in sound and movement, to establish a subtle contact ad personam in a public space, a reserved and intimate performance for a vast audience of individuals. It is a “Toccata” on the caress, on the tactile “play with something that is taken away”: the caress does not know what it is looking for and what is caressed is not touched, it is brushed. There is a tension towards the other that is never possessed, and the search for something that by its nature can only escape. We live in times in which contact has lost its tactile component, moving towards the visual/virtual one. In this artificial context there is a “turning the body into an object”, “making it a thing”, to be preserved, to be saved. This creates a tear in us, in which contact does not express its real subtle power. The one that acts as a glue, that binds us to the unconscious, and that establishes the right distance, the distance that makes us, on the contrary, close. Hence our affection pushes us beyond the black and white barrier of the keyboard and the skin to touch and bring out, in the emotionality of the instrumental discourse, even conditions such as incommunicability, alienation, existential discomfort in presentism.

Choreography and dance: Claudia Caldarano

Musical composition and performance: Simone Graziano

Dramaturgical advice: Alessandro Brucioni

Production: mo-wan teatro in co-production with nòva

In collaboration with: Cultural Association 4’33”, direction Matteo Gabutti

With the support of the creative residencies Armunia and InTeatro and the rehearsal spaces Atelier delle Arti and Goldoni

Selected NID Platform OpenStudios 2021

Winner of the call “Residanza – La casa della nuova coreografia 2021” promoted within the project Gap! Change! Now! Projects for the next dance generation – Movimento Danza 2018/2021, in collaboration with Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale

Claudia Caldarano works in choreography, performing arts, prose and curates the performance section of Deep Festival. She graduated as “Actress” at Paolo Grassi (2010), in “Graphic Art Engraving” at the Bison (2017). She attended the Biennale College Danza (2013 and 2015) and the “Assistant Choreographer” course with Micha and Marina Van Hoecke (2006). Since 2010 she has been making her own creations, recognised: in 2021 by Nid Platform (OpenStudios), Residanza (winner), CrashTest Festival (jury prize), IN-BOX (semi-finalist), InterplayStillDigital (special mention); in 2020 she wins Supernova Pergine Festival, NaoCrea_Aiep and theWorkRoom PerChiCrea_Fattoria Vittadini; in 2019 OfficineCaos, Corto in danza and Anghiari dance hub; in 2017 she exhibited at the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato as a finalist for the TU 35 EXPANDED and for the Premio Incisione “Giuseppe Maestri” in Ravenna, and her Prints were recommended by the jury of the “Premio Combat” award and published in all their respective catalogues; in 2013 she was a semi-finalist at the Premio Scenario and received a nomination as best show from the Festival delle Trasparenze; in 2012 she won the Artu award, Vetrina GDA Network Anticorpi XL and Mosaico Danza.