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Cross Project

Pizzica Concert Babilonia

Antonio Castrignanò & Taranta Sounds (IT)
Introduction by Pierfrancesco Pacoda (IT)

Parco di Villa Maioni - Verbania
(Foyer Il Maggiore in caso di pioggia)

02.06.2024 | 9PM
Price: free donation

Bridge event closing CROSS Project 2024 and opening Music and Spirituality 2024

Considering the long and fruitful collaboration between CROSS, Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre, often the venue for CROSS Festival shows and activities, and the Music and Spirituality festival, thanks to an intense artistic relationship developed with Simona Eugenelo and Pierfrancesco Pacoda, for 2024 we have decided to strengthen this synergy by organizing a significant bridge event, concluding CROSS Project 2024 and starting Music and Spirituality 2024.

Pizzica and spirituality. Pizzica is a music of crossing that addresses the divinity to free oneself from all diseases and asks, through the whirlwind intertwining of ancient drum rhythms and unrestrained dance, for a grace born from deep popular devotion. The sound of tarantism directly connects the earth and the spirit. Spiritual music that, while strongly linked to language, including the most explicit language of the body, makes each place where it is performed a ritual of purification where the request for healing to the Saint resonates loudly.

Through the words of the music expert journalist, Pierfrancesco Pacoda, the audience will be able to reflect on the spirituality inherent in pizzica and get to know the artist Antonio Castrignanò, his work, and what he wants to communicate to listeners with his music.

Babilonia is a choral journey that starts from Salento, the homeland of Antonio Castrignanò, and moves beyond territorial borders to discover different languages and cultures, with the desire to tell one’s own story and learn about others’. In his latest album, the artist seeks to stop or anticipate time, embarking on a collective musical journey to explore the diversity and musical traditions of the past that can express universal and immortal themes. The title itself, Babilonia, is emblematic because it emphasizes the multicultural dimension of the work. With new songs, original arrangements, and new experiences, the album ventures into melodies and rhythms from regions as distant as Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey, and India. The record embraces universal themes such as nature, work, and love, focusing on the human being, his language, dialect, and especially the identity wealth of peoples around the world, in an album that speaks to the young and wants to tell contemporary themes and doubts.

Antonio Castrignanò, born in 1977 in Calimera in Salento, is a musician, composer, and author. From 2003 to 2018, he participated in 16 editions of Voice and Drum of La notte della taranta. He has played and collaborated with many artists from the Italian and international music scene like Stewart Copeland and Mauro Pagani. A guest of Negramaro, he duets with Giuliano Sangiorgi in the first concert at San Siro of the Salento rock band and in the production of the CD-DVD Negramaro San Siro Live. His latest record work, Babilonia (Ponderosa 2022), was considered the second-best world album of 2022 and the best European album of the same year in the prestigious World Music Chart Europe. The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) considered his song Core Meu the best song of 2022 in the World Music category. He is the composer of the soundtrack for the film Nuovomondo by Emanuele Crialese, Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2006, winner of 3 David di Donatello, 2 golden covers, and numerous awards, nominated for 4 Silver Ribbons including Best Soundtrack, and nominated for the Golden Globe for the best foreign film. His music is also featured in the Netflix series Pretend It’s a City directed by Martin Scorsese (2021) and in the film Bellas Mariposas by Salvatore Mereu, winner of the Screen Quality Award and the Fedic Award at the Venice Festival 2012.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda, born in Lecce in 1957, lives in Bologna, is a journalist, record producer, music critic, and essayist. He collaborates with il manifesto, l’Espresso, Il Resto del Carlino, and other newspapers as well as being the managing editor of Hot. Contemporary Magazine. He is credited with discovering one of the most famous Italian rap groups: Sud Sound System. He has published several books including Potere alla parola (Feltrinelli, 1996), Discotech (Adnkronos libri, 1999), Hip hop italiano (Einaudi, 2000), Sulle rotte del rave. Dj’s parties and dance floors from Goa to London, Bali to Ibiza (Feltrinelli, Traveller, 2002) and Salento, amore mio. A journey through the music, places and among the protagonists of the Salento renaissance (Kowalski, 2011), Riviera Club Culture (NDA, 2011), A trip to…Ibiza! (Touring Editore, 2010), and is the author of the Techno entry for the Einaudi General Encyclopedia of Music. He is the creator and artistic director of ArtRockMuseum, a spoken word and concert format hosted by the Museum of the City of Bologna. He collaborates with several university institutions where he has given numerous seminars and lectures in addition to serving as a thesis co-rapporteur at DAMS in Bologna. He teaches at the Master’s Degree in Music Communication at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and has taught at the Master’s Degree in Planning Management and Marketing of Music Performance at the Conservatory of Trento.