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Cross Project



Laura Cuomo with Paolo Montella (IT)

Panoramic terrace - Sacro Monte of Ghiffa

31.05.2024 | 6PM
Duration: 50 minutes


Price: free donation

Through the forces, resources, and knowledge of past eras, humans have made natural caves and heights habitable and meaningful. These places, reaching us today, are mystical sites for reflection and prayer, often linked to worship. Spaces where sound is abstracted, and we can distance ourselves from external distractions. Humans have shaped these sacred places, creating rituals of worship, prayer, and song to confront existential crisis, the threat of nature, and the common need to live. These self-preservation efforts extend beyond earthly life, finding continuity in memory and remembrance. Ritual of Presence. Folk Songs of Sweetness and Pathos is inspired by the power these sacred places convey, creating a musical set divided into four movements where the voice is central, be it solo or multiplied in litany singing, Greek chorus, electric polyphony with the aid of a loop station, and supported by the electroacoustic base of synths.

Voice, loop station, and synths by Laura Cuomo
Electronics by Paolo Montella

Laura Cuomo is an independent vocal researcher and singer with a diverse background ranging from choral vocal music, psychophony, and the practice of Yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharia and Desikachar. Graduated in Ethnomusicology from La Sapienza in Rome with a thesis on the voice in the 20th century between therapy and music, she has always nurtured singing in various vocal formations of folk and ancient music, enhancing her passion for the voice and voices singing together in a continuous and constant choral practice. She studies psychophony, a discipline based on singing and the psycho-corporal harmonization through the voice. She conducts expressive musical workshops on the voice for young people and adults. She collaborates with Eugenio Bennato & Taranta Power for the project Le Voci del Sud, with whom she recorded the album Qualcuno sulla terra in 2020. She collaborates as a performer in song theater shows freely inspired by the music of Fabrizio De André and classical Neapolitan songs like the album Indifferentemente. Voci e suoni del sud. She is the creator of Ra di spina since 2020, a musical project based on the reworking of songs from the folk tradition of Southern Italy for a vocal duo, loop station, and electronics, of which the EP of the same name was published in January 2022. She is the voice of the trio Amaron with Oud and ethnic percussion, a project that explores music from the Near East. She continues vocal research on sacred and profane folk melodies in projects with Francesco Santagata like Rituale della presenza. Canti di dolcezza e pathos for voice, loop station, electronics, and Mario Gabola with Musica viva. Studies on the formless for voice, loop station, extended sax. She is the soloist in the compositions of Rocco De Rosa for the soundtrack of the film “Dante” by Pupi Avati (2022).