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Cross Project

SE DOMANI_studio

Elisa Sbaragli (IT)

Villa Simonetta, Verbania

01.06.2024 | 5PM
02.06.2024 | 3PM
Duration: 30 minutes


Price: €10

Se domani_studio starts from an identity exploration to uncover and reveal our transversal, historical, social fragilities in front of a contemporaneity imbued with a plural crisis, economic, intimate, and climatic. It seems that to act, humans need to find themselves in a state of emergency and can only contemplate the existence of change when it is inevitable, where there is nothing left to protect them, and they must strip away all certainty. In If tomorrow, the crisis becomes body, sound, and movement. The word crisis is reinterpreted in its original meaning of choice and possibility, allowing us to find “the other,” to change, renew, be alive, and not consider ourselves immortal. There are two bodies on stage immersed in a space on the brink of collapse. An undefined space that, in our imagination, continues to crumble moment by moment. These two bodies continue to advance, traversing the space as if on two rails. They slowly strip off their certainties, the crisis surrounding them also becomes their personal one: it creates energy, fills the space, and by breaking the rails, offers points of encounter between the two individuals. In advancing, will they fill the space between them, or will their space disappear with them at the end of the race? Will they turn their gazes? Two disturbing movements in the attempt to re-configure themselves and reconfigure even at the brink of the end. Accompanying these bodies on their path will be the sound, the bearer of the crumbling of space that will become an important narrative element to relate to. From fragmentation into ever smaller pieces until it becomes ethereal.
The project opens to the CROSS public with a workshop activity and a final performance.

Choreographer Elisa Sbaragli // dramaturgy by Eliana Rotella // performer Lorenzo de Simone // sound design by Edoardo Sansonne // lighting and technical design by Fabio Brusadin // costumes by Chiara Corradini // care and management by Marco Burchini // production Tir Danza // with the support of Citofonare PimOff, Scintille – Festival of Performative Arts, HOME Choreographic Creation Center 2023/Perugia residency project of Dance Gallery, Sosta Palmizi, Cross Project, Anghiari Dance Hub, Teatro della Contraddizione.

Elisa Sbaragli is an Artist associated with Tir Danza since 2023. She pursues her own authorial research interested in the possibility of deconstructing the forms of the body and codified movement. Always in constant search of new expressive languages to intercept a multitude of possible visions and imaginaries. In 2023 she opened the artistic research “Se domani”, performed by Alice Raffaelli and Lorenzo De Simone. The work is the winner of the open calls PimOff 23/24 and HOME Calling 2023. In the same year she was selected by CRISOL – CREATIVE PROCESSES for Boarding Pass Plus, working in Norway with Heine Avdal (NO) and Yukiko Shinozaki (JP) on the project “elsewhere & elsewhen”. His creations include: “Mirada” (winner of Danza Urbana XL); “Sull’irrequietezza del divenire” (winner of Bodyscape 2021); “Ipergeo”, a workshop open to all3, a collective mapping of residual spaces. She trained at C.I.M.D., directed by Franca Ferrari and in 2017 concluded Azione, directed by Sosta Palmizi.