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Cross Project


Francesco Marilungo (IT) / Körper

Teatro Il Maggiore - Verbania

02.06.2024 | 7PM
Duration: 70 minutes


Price: €10

The five performers of Stuporosa cry without apparent reason, giving life to a cry that takes on various nuances, at times restrained, at times muffled, at times transformed into music, sometimes with accents of hope and sometimes with tones that recall an ancient Salento funeral lament. The performers’ bodies shatter in search of archaic and remote forms, which instantly dissolve. These forms represent the figures of pathos, universal images and archetypes of human suffering passed down through the centuries and civilizations. Although they belong to funeral rites of the past, these images retain a universal value because humanity has always suffered in the same way since its creation. The five performers seek to recover a sense of collectivity and rituality, looking for new forms of mutual aid by whispering ancient magic formulas, evoking traditional dances, and singing a Salento lullaby. In Stuporosa, as in certain aspects of ritual crying, a stylization of pathos is observed, a de-hysterization of it, underlining the human need for shared cultural institutions and community rituals to overcome moments of individual crisis.

Directed and choreographed by Francesco Marilungo
Featuring Alice Raffaelli, Barbara Novati, Roberta Racis, Francesca Linnea Ugolini, Vera Di Lecce
Music and vocal coaching by Vera Di Lecce
Space and lighting by Gianni Staropoli
Costumes by Lessico Familiare
Photography and video by Luca del Pia
Produced by Körper | National Dance Production Center
Co-produced by Fabbrica Europa
Supported by IntercettAzioni – Lombardy’s Artist Residency Center with the support of Short Theatre Festival, Fuori Programma Festival, Teatro Akropolis & Dracma Theatre – CURA Project, Did Studio, Base Milan, Qenhun

Francesco Marilungo attended the Teatrodanza Atelier at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan. He continued his training as a performer following the IFA – Inteatro pathway. Since 2010, he has come into contact with internationally renowned dancers and choreographers – Lisa Kraus and Elena Demyanenko (Trisha Brown Dance Company), Julie Anne Stanzak, Juliana Neves, and Quan Bui Ngoc (Les Ballets C de la B), Masaki Iwana, Gabriela Carrizo (Peeping Tom), Yasmine Hugonnet, Jan Fabre, Gisele Vienne, and Romeo Castellucci. Over the years, he has worked as a performer for Enzo Cosimi, Mara Cassiani, Antonio Marras, Jonathan Burrows/Matteo Fargion, and Alessandro Sciarroni. Alongside his dancing career, he embarked on his own creative journey. He participated with his first solo, Emily, in the International Dance Competition Out d’autore Salicedoro (winning first prize and the Armunia Prize), and in 2014 was selected by the Anticorpi XL network for the Young Authors’ Dance Showcase with Siegfried. His work Paradise, winner of the NEXT 2015/2016 call of the Lombardy region, premiered at the Danae Festival 2015 and was selected by the Anticorpi XL network for the Young Authors’ Dance Showcase 2016. New Horizon, a project supported by the European network Open Latitudes, debuted at Danae Festival 2016. Love Souvenir, winner of the Inteatro Festival call and the Next 2017/2018 call of the Lombardy region, premiered at Inteatro Festival 2018. His latest work, Party Girl, winner of the Prospettiva Danza Prize 2020 and the Cross Award 2020, was selected for the Nid New Italian Dance Platform 2021.