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Cross Project

Una maestosa macchina narrativa

2501 aka Jacopo Ceccarelli (IT)

Atelier Casa Ceretti, Verbania

24.05.2024 | 4PM - 6PM (open studio)
30.05.2024 | 4PM - 6PM (open studio)
01.06.2024 | 6PM (performance)
Price: free entry

The project UMMN – Una maestosa macchina narrativa (a majestic storytelling machine), a new interaction of the decade-long LA MACCHINA (the machine) project, takes place in a period of artistic residency that opens to the public with the purpose of questioning the potential of creating visual imagery as a tool for personal discovery and in parallel the possibility of creating a vocabulary that allows us to visualize it. In what ways can storytelling be a tool of discovery? How through the blending of painting, sound, images, and performance can this practice become a powerful tool for research?

The project LA MACCHINA has always been a stimulus to bring together different points of view by including them in a free dialogue with 2501’s research. With CROSS, the goal of the project is to actively engage a group of people with different expertise in an ongoing reflection on the creation of visual imagery as a learning practice and a tool for “liberation.” In fact, the idea is to create a painting that incorporates the reflections triggered within Casa Ceretta between 2501, the various guests and the public. A large canvas that also serves as a score for the visual and musical performance in collaboration with Stefano Jaccheo and Hiroyasu Tsuri Towone.

Project and realization by 2501 aka Jacopo Ceccarelli // in collaboration with Chiara Frantini // with the participation of Marco Proserpio, Guido Borso, Valentina Mancini, Mattia Turco, Martino Coffa, Eric Potempa, Stefano Jaccheo, Hiroyasu Tsuri Towone // performance: 2501, Stefano Jaccheo, Hiroyasu Tsuri Towone // project supported by: Museo di Lissone (Lissone MZ), Maxxi Aquila festival PERFORMATIVE.01 (L’Aquila), Museo della Musica di Bologna, Istituto di cultura Italiano di Rio de Janeiro, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Movement (Detroit), Juxtapoz Clubhouse (Miami), NODE Festival (Modena).

Jacopo Ceccarelli, known as 2501, was born in Milan in 1981. He studied at the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan and later completed a master’s in Audiovisual Communication at the New Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. 2501’s work is multidisciplinary, utilizing a wide variety of mediums, including painting, installation, murals, sculpture, photography, and film. He is fascinated by maps, urban/architectural space, and its social contradictions in post-capitalist society; for years, he has investigated the flow of time, the cycle, recurrences, and their multifaceted declinations. His research is in constant dialogue with urban topography: his murals can be seen worldwide, from Milan to London, NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Ulan Bator, Kiev. Over the last twenty years, he has exhibited in Europe, the United States, and South America in galleries and museum entities. He participates in various international exhibitions and festivals such as the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato, the Milan Triennale, MACRO in Rome (2017), Basel Miami (2019) at Product / 81 Creative Lab, and public art festivals like O.BRA, Living Walls, ALTrove, Art United Us, Artmossphere Biennale, Walk&Talk, Wabash Arts Corridor, Outdoor, Mural, Traffic Design, Painted the Desert Project.

Chiara Frantini, graduated in Communication Theory and Technology, has been working as a user experience designer since 2012. With an interdisciplinary user-centered approach, it intertwines psychology, design and IT, to transform complex systems into effective and immersive experiences.